Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Boot Season Ladies!

It is now officially fall to me because the weather has turned cold where I live. I'm just so excited! Forget my love for summer because my love for cold weather fashion tops it. Over the last few weeks on Polyvore I've been drifting towards making sets with boots. They have been helping me make so many outfits with my own outfits using that inspiration. To help you guys over come any styling block or just to get some inspiration I thought I would share of my outfit ideas.

This outfit is perfect for traveling, another thing to add is the trend of multiple more delicate necklaces. I also added a large tote which is perfect for carrying everything when traveling.
Another favorite of mine is this one. During the fall it rains a lot where I live so rain boots are always a necessity. I only own like 6 pairs, seriously. A great accessory to pair with boots is a scarf; the weather gets a bit chilly so it's always nice to have something to keep your neck warmer and you from shivering.

Going for a more dressier look this outfit had a more trendy touch with booties. I own a pair and they can be the cutest things or your worst nightmare to style. I figured out that by pairing them with something simple it can make them so much easier to work with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Haul

     Today I went shopping with my best friend Genevieve & my Aunt Kathy. We went to a outlet type mall in Dawsonville, GA. I racked up! I just want to make it clear that this is not a sponsored post & that everything I am about to show you was purchased for me by my amazing Aunt. I can't thank her enough, she is so sweet & generous. One more thing before we get started I want to apologize for the bad lighting and background. The next pictures will be 100 times better. Anyway enough of my babbling let's get started.


The first item I got are these fantastic shoes. They are black Nike free tennis shoes. I am super excited that I received these, I've been eyeballing them for ages it seems.

Once again I've been looking at this item for ages it seems. I'm super hard on my backpacks and I carry mine everywhere. The one I've carried the last two years is from PB Teen, but it has worn down & needed a heavy duty one. I went with The North Face womens Borealis backpack. It has 3 compartments and a special section for my laptop. YAY!

This next item is a staple in any girls closet, leggings. I got these from Charlotte Russe.

Anyone who is with me on a regular basis will know my love for Polo. So seeing that Ralph Lauren was having a sale was enough reason for me to purchase. I got a hot pink with a navy pony & a bubblegum pink with a lime green pony.

The last store we went to was Gap. I have a love for Gap jeans, end of story. Anyway I got a thicker grey sweater along with a oversized pink thin sweater. Genevieve got the mint version of my hot pink one. I got a pair of cuffed crop jeans. 

That was everything I got today, but I'm sure that I will have a supply haul. I hope you enjoyed & if you have any questions about anything I received just ask.

Monday, August 4, 2014

1.} What's your definition of preppy?
Classic, whether that being manners, style, or the way you hold yourself. This is the true definition.
2.} What's your all time favorite brand?
3.} What's your favorite Lilly item and print?
My favorite Lilly Item I own is my pair of pants, I don't know the pattern because they are older, but I love them. My favorite print is probably 'Hot Spot'.
4.} Favorite preppy blogger?
Sarah Vickers, duh! Her style is impeccable.
5.} Jack Rogers or Sperry's?
To be honest I wear my Sperry's more, they are kinda an all year round thing.
6.} Jeans or khakis?
Jeans, I really only wear khakis for club meetings or uniform type things.
7.} Opinions or oxfords?
The fact being I own 13 should be a fantastic answer. I live in them during the winter mostly.
8.} Duck boots, rider boots, or hunters?
Hunters, hands down. Don't get me wrong I love my riding boots, but my Hunters get used a lot more. In GA where I live it like never snows so I don't really have a need for ducks.
9.} Navy or black?
Navy, although I own more black. To me it's softer if that makes sense.
10.} On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love J.Crew?
This always at a 10 if not 20.
11.} Favorite Ralph Lauren item?
I own 19 pullover sweaters from them and like 20 tees. It's a problem I have too many clothes or maybe my closet is to small.
12.} Pearls or bows?
Pearls honestly. At my school unless you cheer or dance you get weird looks no matter the bow. 

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