Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Haul

     Today I went shopping with my best friend Genevieve & my Aunt Kathy. We went to a outlet type mall in Dawsonville, GA. I racked up! I just want to make it clear that this is not a sponsored post & that everything I am about to show you was purchased for me by my amazing Aunt. I can't thank her enough, she is so sweet & generous. One more thing before we get started I want to apologize for the bad lighting and background. The next pictures will be 100 times better. Anyway enough of my babbling let's get started.


The first item I got are these fantastic shoes. They are black Nike free tennis shoes. I am super excited that I received these, I've been eyeballing them for ages it seems.

Once again I've been looking at this item for ages it seems. I'm super hard on my backpacks and I carry mine everywhere. The one I've carried the last two years is from PB Teen, but it has worn down & needed a heavy duty one. I went with The North Face womens Borealis backpack. It has 3 compartments and a special section for my laptop. YAY!

This next item is a staple in any girls closet, leggings. I got these from Charlotte Russe.

Anyone who is with me on a regular basis will know my love for Polo. So seeing that Ralph Lauren was having a sale was enough reason for me to purchase. I got a hot pink with a navy pony & a bubblegum pink with a lime green pony.

The last store we went to was Gap. I have a love for Gap jeans, end of story. Anyway I got a thicker grey sweater along with a oversized pink thin sweater. Genevieve got the mint version of my hot pink one. I got a pair of cuffed crop jeans. 

That was everything I got today, but I'm sure that I will have a supply haul. I hope you enjoyed & if you have any questions about anything I received just ask.

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